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Information system for your company

The eIntranet application is a modern web application - a modular information system for companies and modern organizations.

Thanks to its modularity, the system will help you with standard requirements from attendance and leave to data reports, invoicing and project management.

Since it is a modern web application, its deployment is very simple and its operation does not burden your finances unnecessarily.

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The application is immediately ready to be used by your company - the main modules have been programmed based on our many years of experience in the business sphere and on the specific needs of customers who already use the application.
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The eIntranet application is a web application that can be accessed from anywhere. The system is operated in the cloud with high availability and security, you do not need any server, database licenses or other software to run our intranet system.


  • Reducing bureaucratic paperwork
  • Timeliness and availability of information
  • Improving the organisation of work
  • Facilitating company management and operations
  • Saving money and time

Financial savings

  • You are not purchasing any server
  • Zero server connection costs
  • You don't pay a programmer
  • Reduction in expenditure on operating costs


We are constantly developing new modules and improving existing ones according to the requirements and needs of our customers. Do you want a module we don't have? Contact us, we will program it!

We are here for you

The relationship with the customer is a top priority for us, so we will always try to help you and propose a solution according to your needs.

Safety and accessibility

We care about high security and availability of our application, so you will find:

  • Operation from 2 datacentres in Europe (Prague CZ, Frankfurt DE), automatic switchover to the second datacenter if one fails
  • Cloud in the Czech Republic and DE in a modern datacentre with N+1 cooling circuits, UPS and diesel aggregator, 24h monitoring and fire protection system with special flame retardant gas, holder of ISO 9001:2009 and ISO/IEC 27001:2014 certificates
  • Online backup to 2 geographically separate locations (Prague CZ, Frankfurt DE)
  • Daily backup to 3 geographically separated locations (Prague CZ, Brno CZ, Frankfurt DE)
  • TLS 1.2 encryption
  • Antivirus protection
  • Firewall and DDOS protection
  • Detection and prevention of unauthorised attempts
  • Encryption of stored data on 2 levels (HW and SW)
  • Optionaltwo-factor authentication - 2FA
  • 2FA - Google Authenticator or SMS code
  • Option to allow access to your intranet only from specified IP addresses
  • Comodo SSL

ISO certification support

  • Streamlining activities across the organisation
  • Clear documentation and human resources management
  • Cost optimisation
  • Improving the performance of the organisation
  • Improving the quality of services provided

In accordance with GDPR

  • Data is encrypted
  • Detailed settings and access restrictions for individual users
  • Access and history logging
Připraveno na GDPR

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