Polls electronically

The survey module allows easy creation of company surveys, questionnaires and evaluations and obtaining information about opinions, attitudes or knowledge not only of users of the company intranet, but also of external subjects.

Available in languages:

Easy online survey creation

  • Getting information quickly, clearly and efficiently.
  • When creating a new poll, the poll administrator sets the date when the poll will be active (from-to) and to whom it will be accessible (all eIntranet users in the company, selected eIntranet users, anyone)
  • Filling out the created surveys, questionnaires, evaluations can be done anonymously.
  • Within the module, it is possible to obtain answers to both open and closed question types.
  • For each question, you can set a display condition (i.e. it will be displayed if the respondent answered in a certain way in the previous question).
  • The created survey can be made available not only to users of the company intranet, but also to other entities (e.g. customers, suppliers, clients or other business partners) using the generated link.
  • Survey results are generated automatically and can be sorted and displayed in clear statistics.