Reservation of vehicles

Electronic system for booking company vehicles. The vehicle reservation module allows you to create a vehicle reservation request and send it to a designated supervisor for approval. Relevant users are informed of the creation of a new booking request and its outcome via e-mail.

Available in languages:

What you can use the company car booking module for

  • the ability to grant different access rights to users - from the right to read to the ability to make reservations for other users
  • Vehicles that can be used for reservations can be marked (vehicle information is retrieved from the vehicle registration module)
  • Approved reservations can be viewed in annual or monthly reports
  • Reservations can be searched by different criteria - reservation submitter, reserved vehicle or reservation date
  • the overview of created applications can be exported to Excel or printed
  • all-day or time-based reservations can be made (the possibility of using a vehicle more than once on a given day if it is available)