Customer management software

The customer registration module facilitates the registration of all important information about company customers. The main recorded data are preset, other data to be recorded are added by the users themselves. The module is connected with the labour reports module for easier reporting of the activity worked by individual customers.

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What you can use customer records for

  • Thanks to customer records, companies have easy access to all relevant information about their clients.
  • The basic data that will be recorded are preset (e.g. name, address, telephone, e-mail), other data can be added by users according to their own needs (dates, other identification data, etc.).
  • If the user enters items into the register that need to be monitored for expiry, the system will automatically notify the user in advance of the approaching expiry date.
  • The records are linked to the timesheet module - thanks to this it is possible to record the work done directly to the customer and, if necessary, have it displayed in the timesheet.
  • Within the module, you can search using the quick search function or the Filter function, which allows you to search according to various criteria - for example, whether it is an active or inactive customer, or the location of the company.
  • The module allows you to set different access rights for different types of users - from the ability to simply read in the records to the ability to read, add notes, edit and delete in the records.

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