Directory of company contacts

The address book module is used to store all information about company contacts in a clear manner. Contacts represent important and invaluable data for everyone, so it is essential to store, update and backup them continuously for successful work activities.

Available in languages:

A simple record of addresses in a company - address book

  • Easy sharing of all company contacts, such as contacts to:
    • customers and potential customers
    • business partners
    • employees
    • other external collaborators
    • cooperating institutions (authorities, government bodies, etc.)
  • Fast full-text search; contacts can be exported from Excel or sent to your mobile via SMS gateway (included in the price of the service).
  • Recording of any type of subject - the application administrator can set what basic data will be recorded within the directory
  • The data contained in the directory can be accessed from anywhere - all you need is a user access and a working web browser.