Directory of company contacts

The address book module is used to store all information about company contacts in a clear manner. Contacts represent important and invaluable data for everyone, so it is essential to store, update and backup them continuously for successful work activities.

Available in languages:

A simple record of addresses in a company - address book

  • Easy sharing of all company contacts, such as contacts to:
    • customers and potential customers
    • business partners
    • employees
    • other external collaborators
    • cooperating institutions (authorities, government bodies, etc.)
  • Fast full-text search; contacts can be exported from Excel or sent to your mobile via SMS gateway (included in the price of the service).
  • Recording of any type of subject - the application administrator can set what basic data will be recorded within the directory
  • The data contained in the directory can be accessed from anywhere - all you need is a user access and a working web browser.

Electronic Address Books Make Intranet Communication Easier In today's world of advanced technology, companies are utilizing intranet networks to facilitate internal communication. is a software solution that provides an easy way for businesses to create and manage an intranet network. One of the key features of is the electronic address book. This feature allows users to store and manage contact information in a centralized location. The benefits of having an electronic address book go far beyond just keeping track of contacts. It helps to streamline internal communication, saving time and increasing efficiency. With, users can easily locate and communicate with employees, partners, and other contacts located all over the world. Rather than having to sift through piles of paper to find contact information, all relevant information can be found quickly and easily in one centralized location. The ease and convenience of an electronic address book also extends to data storage and organization. With, users can store contact information for dozens or even hundreds of individuals, and easily search for any contact with a few quick clicks. Advanced organizational functions make it easy to group contacts into different categories, and to store related contact information under one profile. This eliminates the need for business owners and managers to store important contact information in multiple places and locations. An electronic address book also provides a secure way to store contact information. With, security protocols help to protect user data from unauthorized access. Furthermore, users can control who can view, edit, or delete data from their address book. Overall, is an ideal solution for businesses that are looking to streamline their internal communication processes. The electronic address book feature offers a secure, efficient, and organized way to store and access contact information, making it an invaluable tool for any business.