Monitoring the insolvency register

The insolvency module enables automatic monitoring of information on whether your business partner has an entry in the insolvency register, and automatic monitoring of information on whether the supplier is not an unreliable VAT payer, i.e. whether he fulfils his obligations in relation to the tax administration (for VAT payers).

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What you can use the insolvency module for

  • After entering the identification data of the subjects (ID or RČ) to be monitored due to insolvency or unreliability of the VAT payer, the module automatically monitors any changes; if there is a change in the entered subjects or if it appears in the insolvency register, the application sends an information e-mail to the relevant persons.
  • The insolvency register includes the entity against which the insolvency proceedings have been filed; if such an entity (supplier) enters the insolvency register, it becomes a risky entity for entering into further business relations.
  • The module also verifies the reliability of VAT payers - if a company that is a VAT payer purchases goods or services from an unreliable VAT payer, it is liable for the unpaid VAT on this taxable supply on behalf of its supplier if it was on the list of unreliable VAT payers at the time of the supply.
  • In the module it is possible to monitor information (and changes and new information) about insolvencies:
    • ongoing
    • all (i.e. already closed)
    • of natural persons by registration number or entrepreneurs/companies by registration number
  • Entities for which insolvency or unreliability of the VAT payer is to be monitored can be imported in bulk from Excel - a maximum of 100 companies/persons can be imported at any one time.
  • The limit for monitoring is 100 subjects/one subscribed user.