Electronic processing of received invoices

The invoices received module is used to keep a clear record of invoices and to facilitate the process of their approval and complete processing. Invoices are received directly from the sender of the invoice by sending it to the e-mail address designated for receiving invoices, or the invoice can be scanned into the module. The sender of the invoice is automatically informed of the receipt of the invoice in the system.

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What you can use the Invoices Received module for

  • The module allows you to set up invoice acceptance from all/only verified business partners. In case invoices are received only from verified emails, it is possible to specify the user's email to which info will be sent in case of rejection of the invoice.
  • The entire invoice approval process is done electronically, which saves time and money. The system automatically retrieves data (extracts data from invoices) from the sent invoices (PDF, ISDOC) and thus facilitates the work of the operator.
  • Within the module, incoming invoices are assigned an internal identification number, while the continuity of the number series is automatically monitored.
  • Within the module, it is possible to automatically monitor information about business partners (with updates every 24 hours) concerning:
    • Insolvency Register entry
    • Authorised bank account numbers held with the FÚ for VAT payers
    • Unreliable VAT payers
  • At each stage of the invoice processing, it is recorded who has performed which steps with the invoice.
  • The module allows you to set up invoice acceptance for multiple companies at once and differentiate individual companies within the invoice register.
  • If necessary, it is possible to set up the approval of the invoice by multiple approvers (according to company practices) - the maximum number of approvers is 8, with the last approver being marked as the final approver (after his approval, the invoice is moved to the "Approved, for payment" folder).
  • Within the individual subfolders of the Invoices Received module, you can easily search by various parameters, such as the name or email address of the sender of the invoice, the status of the invoice (received, pending, processed), the invoice number of the supplier or the internal invoice number.

You can also search directly inside documents, in over sixty file types (such as .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .pdf, .txt, .csv), including pdf and ocr over scanned documents.

In the module settings, you can choose whether the received invoice will be an attachment to notification emails. If this is enabled, the invoice can be checked within the received notification email (e.g. within an email informing about sending a new invoice for approval) and it is not necessary to log into the eIntranet.

It is also possible to approve or reject an invoice directly from the email, which saves considerable time and makes the approval process easier, e.g. if the approver is travelling on business.

Invoices received from verified emails can be automatically loaded with the variable symbol of the invoice and the amount of the invoice excluding VAT (the invoice must be in a pdf generated as text, not scanned) into the detail of the invoice record.

If the invoice is in pdf format, it is possible to write notes on it - e.g. which centre the item belongs to.

It is also possible to manually insert an invoice into the module; when manually inserting an invoice, it is possible to enable moving the invoice directly to the "Pending" status.

An overview of the invoices entered in the module or can be downloaded to Excel or printed at any time if required.

Save up to 80% of time when processing received invoices.

Case study - customer request, deployment and operation (in PDF): prijate-case-study.pdf

Invoices Received module presentation (in PDF): Prijate_faktury_eintranet_v2.pdf

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