Program for recording daily reports

The daily reports module allows the creation of simple reports according to company needs, their filling and registration. It informs the relevant users about the completion of the report and warns the user if the report is not completed on time.

Available in languages:

What you can use the daily reports for

  • The application administrator will create individual report types in the module settings and assign users the relevant rights to read/complete/modify the forms.
  • Within the module, it is possible to create a report on, for example, machine usage, sales, work accidents, production, the work shift and any requests to the employer, or other events and activities.
  • Once the daily report has been completed, an email will be sent to the relevant persons informing them that the daily report has been completed.
  • If the user does not complete the report on time, it is possible to set up a notification via sms or email that the report needs to be completed.
  • The completed daily reports can be searched by report type, employee name or date (year, month, day).
  • The overview of the created daily reports can be exported to Excel or printed for further processing of the recorded data.

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