Shared company calendars

The calendar module is a useful tool for corporate planning, providing an overview of events, deadlines, meetings, meetings, events related to the entire company, as well as individual departments or work teams.

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What you can use calendars for

  • The application allows you to set up an unlimited number of shared calendars and then set permissions for individual employees to use them.
  • The calendar can be shared within a department or across the entire company, in read-only mode or in a mode where others are allowed to modify the calendar entries.
  • Calendars can be displayed in daily, weekly or monthly overview.
  • You can add a new event to the calendar by simply clicking on the desired date.
  • When entering a new event into the calendar, you can choose whether selected calendar users should be notified of the new event by email or text message.
  • Events in the calendar can be entered as recurring with different recurrence frequency - daily, weekly, monthly.
  • In the calendar, you can set up reminders to be sent to selected users via email or sms.
  • Within the daily or weekly view, it is possible to shorten or lengthen the duration of an event by simply stretching or shrinking the area of the event entered. is an online system that allows companies and organizations to manage their schedules, tasks, and other activities in a convenient and efficient manner. One of the powerful features of this system is its electronic calendar. Here are some of the advantages of using electronic calendars on 1. Improved Collaboration: With, you can easily share your calendar with your colleagues and partners, so everyone involved knows what’s going on. This reduces miscommunication and confusion, allowing for better collaboration. 2. Increased Productivity: With an electronic calendar, you can schedule meetings and appointments ahead of time, which saves you time when it comes to organizing and executing your tasks. It also allows you to plan your projects more effectively. 3. Improved Organization:’s calendar is organized into different layers, meaning you can easily sort through your activities and find what you need. This level of organization keeps everything neat and tidy, reducing the risk of errors or misunderstandings. 4. Easier Accessibility: Because of its online nature,’s electronic calendar can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This enables users to stay on top of their tasks, even while they are travelling or away from the office. Overall,’s electronic calendar feature provides many benefits to businesses, helping them stay organized and productive. By taking advantage of this feature, companies can ensure that all their activities get done in a timely and efficient manner.