Electronic records of documentary mail

The Letter Mail module is designed to record incoming and outgoing letter mail; it is linked to the Approval module, which allows the submitted record to be submitted for approval by the responsible staff in electronic form.

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What you can use the Postal Mail module for

  • Letter mail is sorted into Inbox or Outbox folders.
  • The application automatically assigns a registration number to the inserted documents (in the number/year format) and monitors the continuity of the number series.
  • When entering incoming/outgoing mail, the sender/addressee can be retrieved from the CRM module.
  • It is also possible to identify a possible solver of the incoming document - the named solver is automatically informed about the insertion of the new document via e-mail.
  • The system allows you to upload a scan of the incoming/outgoing document if necessary for archiving purposes.
  • Within the module, it is possible to distinguish between domestic and international mail.
  • It is possible to generate envelope labels (and print them) in the sent letter mail or a submission sheet for the Czech Post for sending registered letters.
  • The records for entry on the CR sheet can first be filtered according to the necessary criteria and then the CR submission sheet can be generated.