Fleet management software

Electronic recording of important data related to the operation of company vehicles.

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What you can use the vehicle registration for

  • The recorded data is divided into several sections - basic data, vignettes, insurance, reflective vests, fuel card, tyres.
  • The module defines the main data that will be recorded, but it is possible to turn off/on the display of selected data as required.
  • Registered vehicles can be divided into active (in use) and inactive.
  • The module monitors upcoming deadlines (expiry of MOT, insurance, first aid kit, etc.) and automatically sends an e-mail message to relevant persons (drivers and fleet managers) informing them of the upcoming deadline (14 days before the deadline).
  • It is possible to record subsequent insurance within the insurance (compulsory liability and accident insurance) - if subsequent insurance is entered, it will automatically replace the insurance that was originally valid on the 1st day of validity.
  • It is possible to search the registered vehicles using the quick search function or the Filter function, which allows more detailed searches (by insurance company, driver, etc.).
  • All data on registered vehicles can be downloaded into a clear Excel spreadsheet.
  • The module allows you to set different access rights for different types of users - from the ability to simply preview the records to the ability to enter, edit and delete registered vehicles.

For each vehicle in the inventory, it is possible to generate a handover report for entrusting the vehicle to an employee.