The offer module allows the creation and electronic registration of offers for customers. It is possible to create groups of offers as required and display various statistics (by year, success rate, etc.). Possibility to send an e-mail request by the customer directly to the offer module or to agree the offer by the customer online.

Available in languages:

What you can use the menu module for

  • Creation of different types of offer forms according to the company's needs, possibility of recording internal notes/attachments.
  • Possibility to agree with the offer sent by the customer online - by clicking on the button in the email with the offer, the customer can confirm that he agrees with the offer (his name and electronic signature are required).
  • Connection to related documents - possibility to create an inquiry or order received from the created offer.
  • Connection with the orders module (selection from registered orders) and CRM module - customer data registration.
  • Option to automatically attach attachments before/after the offer - attachments stored in the module settings (e.g. provided services, references, terms and conditions) are automatically attached to the created offer.
  • Possibility to enter individual discounts for a selected customer.
  • Customer email enquiries can be sent directly to the offer module (the offer header is automatically created, the offer processor only needs to add the offer content).
  • Clear statistics on the success of submitted bids, search for bids according to various criteria - date, company, etc.

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