Creation, submission and approval of company applications in electronic form

The application module allows you to create different types of forms for submitting applications (request for a course, compensatory time off, work aids, finances, etc.) and set up the process of their approval (within one or more rounds) in electronic form according to the specific needs of the company.

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What you can use the application module for

  • In the module settings, the application administrator creates an application form to be filled in and creates the relevant approval process according to the company's rules - application and approval forms can be created easily within 15 minutes
  • Within the module, it is possible to set any number of approval rounds (e.g. the request can be approved by the direct supervisor and then by the director of the organization).
  • You can approve the application either by yes/no only or by completing the approval form - adding restrictions or clarifications. Applications can also be approved in bulk.
  • The application may be returned to the applicant for completion (or to the previous approver - for example, the Director returns to the applicant's supervisor for completion) if necessary. It is also possible to amend an already approved application (with subsequent referral for re-approval).
  • The application administrator can designate the approvers of each round or define the job role of users who can approve the request. It is also possible to set whether the applicant will be able to select a specific approver from predefined ones.
  • A record is kept of every step taken with the application, so that the complete history of the approval process is traceable.
  • Applications entered into the approval system are clearly sorted and the user can see all applications, pending/completed applications, applications awaiting approval and rejected applications in the individual sections as required.
  • Applications submitted in the approval software can be printed out, and individual applications can be copied for faster submission of similar applications.

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