Providing customer support through the Helpdesk.

A tool for efficient, clear and easy resolution of customer queries.
Do you have an overview of your customers' queries? Do you want to know when, who and how their questions were answered? Do you run an eshop, IT or other customer service? Do you want to keep track of the work of your employees? Use our HelpDesk module and save time and money.

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What you can use the HelpDesk module for

  • Creating individual projects (types of activities) for providing support and setting them up according to the company's needs
  • Entering requests automatically via email or manually (e.g. in case of a telephone call by the customer)
  • Easily assign a request to a specific user for resolution
  • Recording the status of requests - new, resolved, pending, resolved, closed - and tracking the history of changes
  • Creating a response template to speed up answering customer FAQs
  • The list of inserted requests can be printed or downloaded to Excel
  • Within the accepted requests, you can search by various criteria - status, solver, date, etc. It is also possible to search in the notes or description of individual tickets.
  • The use of heldpesk allows you to see how long a request has been worked on and view clear statistics of the support team's work (and invoice customers for support accordingly).

The customer is continuously informed via informational emails about the process of solving his request.

Benefits of deploying HelpDesk - e.g. in e-shop:
- easily accessible and quick overview of customer requests
- awareness and substitutability of employees in the process of resolving requests
- overview of the work of employees and the support provided to customers
- finding out customer satisfaction
- providing up-to-date information for the customer about the process of resolving his request