21.11.2022 - New in employee worksheets for IP

In the attendance module in the attendance exports - in the files Employee's worksheet/employee notes - for the labour inspectorate - a separate column "Break" has been added. This modification has been made on the basis of new findings from the inspection of the Labour Inspectorate.

10.11.2022 - New in the attendance module

In the Attendance module settings in the Used Types section, you can define the attendance types and their colour differentiation as required. The application (or attendance module) administrator can select from a menu of attendance events that can be used in the attendance report, and the background (tag) color and text color in the tag.

2.11.2022 - New in the employee training module

In the Employee Training module the options for deleting created training courses have been extended - Delete training courses without assigned training courses (deletes the selected training course only in the Training Management section), Delete training courses including assigned training courses NOT completed (deletes training courses in the Training Management section and also deletes training courses for users, Delete all training (deletes the training in the Manage Training section and also for all users where the training is specified - regardless of whether the user has completed it or not).
The selection of a specific training deletion option is only available for users with the highest access rights to this module and is displayed by clicking on the cross icon next to the training:

24.10.2022 - New exports in Attendance module

In the attendance module, new exports of recorded attendance have been added. These are the "Employee's worksheet in PDF", which can be downloaded by the user to review/archive his/her approved attendance for a given month (the button for this export in a given month is available if the attendance for that month has already been approved), and the "Overview of the selected user's attendance for this month including notes". (Excel). These two exports are available to users with already basic access rights to the module ("Read" and "Write and Read your").

17.10.2022 - New in the attendance module

In the Attendance module settings, it is now also possible to specify the minimum number of minutes to be worked for the user to record a lunch break if the automatic lunch break deduction function is activated. It is filled in the line "Only if the minimum time worked on a given day is xx min" in the Attendance module settings.

27.9.2022 - New in the employee training module

In the Employee Training module, there is a new added option to reschedule the deadline for users assigned to a specific training to complete the training.

19.9.2022 - New in history list display

In the history list for going back in our application, records now remain after the user logs out of the application - previously the history of records was deleted after the user logged out and could not be used again.

6.9.2022 - New in Invoices Issued module

In the issued invoices report, the envelope icon is now displayed in green if the invoice has been sent to the customer, which makes it easier to send/check the sending of issued invoices. For unsent invoices, the envelope icon remains grey.

30.8.2022 - News in PAMICA export

In the settings of the attendance module in the General settings -> Export PAMICA section, new check-box "On public holidays, record full day of work" has been added - on public holidays, users do not record work in the attendance by default, for export to PAMICA it is possible to modify this if necessary. It is also possible to define custom PAMICA codes for individual attendance types as required in the Attendance module settings in the Types Used section.

22.8.2022 - New features in the cash desk module

In the settings of the cash register module, or for individual created cash registers, the option to set the default currency of the cash register - e.g. CZK, EUR, USD, etc. It is also now possible to set the purpose of payment in the receipts and expenses.

8.8.2022 - New in the employee training module

In the Employee Training module it is now possible to insert "Documents to read" - pdf files that are automatically converted into text for employees when inserting training in the form of text to read. The inserted documents will be displayed as text to the trained employee, at the end of which it is necessary to click "I have read the whole" for each document. Up to 10 files can be uploaded at a time with a maximum total size of 60 MB.

20.7.2022 - New in the tasks module

When fitting tasks in the Tasks module, it is now possible to enter multiple task states into the filter at once (previously only one state could be selected).

29.6.2022 - Attendance module - entering premiums

In the Attendance module it is possible to enter bonuses for employees. This option must first be enabled in the Attendance module settings - General settings section (by checking the Bonuses check-box). Then, users who have at least the right to approve attendance for selected users can record premiums for employees for whom they can see/approve attendance. Users with the highest type of permission can then download a premium overview for all employees.

15.6.2022 - New in the Contracts module

It is now possible to check a check-box in the contract module settings so that if you enter or change the name of the contract manager, this information is sent by e-mail to the selected contract manager.

27.5.2022 - New option to unlock closed attendance

In the attendance module, the option to unlock closed attendance has been added. If necessary, a user with administrator rights can remove the attendance lock and unlock the attendance for additional modifications (the attendance needs to be approved or locked again). Until now, only the user who approved the attendance could delete the attendance lock and only on the day on which he/she made the approval.

19.5.2022 - Video instructions for two-step verification of eIntranet login

16.5.2022 - Generating a payment request for users over the limit of purchased licenses

In the application settings, Subscription tab, it is now possible to generate a payment request to pay the subscription fee for users over the limit of purchased licenses (so it is no longer necessary to contact us for the subscription fee). The end of the overpaid period and tariff corresponds to the standard subscription fee paid so far within your eIntranet. In the eIntranet.net Subscriptions - Users section you need to select "Extension" in the Type section:

2.5.2022 - New features in the Holidays and Attendance module

In the leave module, the "Substitute" field in the leave request form has been added (this option must first be enabled in the module settings). In the Attendance module, the option to print a monthly summary of approved and unapproved attendance has been added (see View all approved/unapproved attendance).

22.4.2022 - New in GPS Location/Trip Logs

In the GPS Locations/Driver Books module, the Maximum Speed and Driving Economy columns have been added to the Driving Books section. These new columns are displayed by clicking on the arrow icon in the top right corner:

13.4.2022 - New reading device for attendance system

Our attendance system includes a new attendance terminal that can use chips and face detection. This attendance terminal comes with an admin card, which allows you to set up chips for your employees or retrieve faces for face recognition (up to 100 employee faces and unlimited chips can be entered on 1 device). Sample video:

8.4.2022 - New in the holiday module

In the Holidays module, in the Remaining Holidays section, a new option for filtering the display of holidays has been added, namely selecting the display option "All that I can see" (according to the rights in the settings of the Holidays module).

28.3.2022 - New Payroll module

In Settings, tab Enabled Modules, you can enable new module Payroll tapes, which serves as a single repository for employee payroll tapes.In this module you can upload payroll tapes to employees (they can be added in bulk) and at the same time send the employee information about inserting a payroll tape. In the module settings it is then possible to assign different types of access rights (from displaying only your own to displaying all).

23.3.2022 - New in CRM module

We have improved the connection of the CRM module to the data in ARES - now when entering a new company, all companies are automatically offered by name (not only by registration number).

15.3.2022 - New - possibility to define extra days off

A new submenu "Extra days off" has been added in the Settings section. In case you want to give all employees within your company a paid day off for a specific day, you will enter the day here and it will be automatically marked as a holiday in the employee attendance.

7.3.2022 - New features in the booking and travel orders modules

In the settings of the booking module, the option to generate or add the calendar to the intersection calendar and add the name of the intersection calendar has been added. In the module itself, it is then displayed under the selected calendar name and all records from calendars where this option has been checked are visible. In the travel orders module, sorting of entered travel orders by year has been added.

28.2.2022 - Termination of services to Russian companies

we wish to express our deep disapproval of the invasion of independent and sovereign Ukraine by the troops of the Russian Federation and join the sanctions and measures against Russia as an aggressor whose business activities we do not want to support.
Therefore, we have decided to terminate the operation of our application for companies from the Russian Federation and companies with their capital, these companies have 24 hours to download their data from the time we have contacted them.
This move is also in response to the APEC call and we see it as an important part of the pressure to end an unjustifiable attack that is unprecedented in modern Europe.
Thank you for your cooperation and we wish you much strength and positive energy. We trust and hope for an early return to our normal lives.
Your eIntranet.net team

24.2.2022 - Ability to import attendance records into PAMICA

In the attendance module, a new framework option to import approved attendance into the accounting and payroll system PAMICA has been added. The function is set in general and always needs individual adjustment according to the needs of the company, or the set rules for reporting attendance (edited by programmers as part of paid editing). If you are interested in setting up this feature, please contact us at info@eintranet.net.

15.2.2022 - Export of issued invoices to ISDOC format

In the Invoices Issued module, it is now possible to export invoices in ISDOC format (previously only in xml format for Cool). This is a common electronic invoicing format used by the state administration and most accounting programs in the Czech Republic. With invoices issued in PDF format, it is also possible to automatically send this ISDOC format as an email attachment - it is set in the settings of the Invoices issued module.