13.3.2023 - Download invoices for subscription payment

In the Settings, Subscriptions tab, you can now find and download invoices for paid app subscriptions.
Tax receipts for subscription payments will continue to be sent by default to the billing emails specified in the account settings, they can just be additionally retrieved and downloaded within user accounts. The user who has administrator rights for the Subscriptions section can find them here:

7.3.2023 - Notification of unconfirmed attendance for selected users

In the Attendance module settings, it is now now possible to select the users to be sent a notification of unapproved (unconfirmed) attendance - previously it was possible to send it only to all users with access to the Attendance module or to no one.

3.3.2023 - Statistics of the most used modules within the eIntranet.net application

The eIntranet.net application currently contains more than 50 modules that are available to customers at any time. For your interest, here is a summary of the ten most used modules by eIntranet.net customers:
1. Tasks
2. Calendars
3. Documents
4. Files
5. Holidays
6. News
7. Directory
8. Attendance
9. CRM
10. Data messages

1.3.2023 - New features in the vehicle registration module

In the vehicle registration module, it is now possible to create a Vehicle Service Plan - i.e. when and what should be serviced on the vehicle, and for how long (according to the mileage or calendar months). The plan can be created individually or in bulk for any vehicle on the register. It is located on one tab with the service and you can easily order/check the service according to the schedule - the Service by date item will alert you when the service expires.

In addition, separate tabs for Service and Damage have been newly created for a clearer display of vehicle operation records.

21.2.2023 - New in the bulletin board module

For better orientation and clarity in the bulletin board module settings, it is possible to define the colours of the bulletin boards (including their descriptions) and display image thumbnails directly (not after clicking the bulletin board). Both options are defined in the settings of the specific bulletin board.

8.2.2023 - New module Attendance - bonuses

In Settings, Enabled Modules tab, you can activate new module Attendance - bonuses, which is used to design and approve bonuses for users. The module allows managers to propose bonuses for a selected calendar month for their subordinates and send them to the main approver for approval. Once the principal approver approves the amount (in the original or adjusted amount), the user in the accounting position is notified. In the module, it is possible to clearly display the totals of amounts for individual calendar months (for the whole company) as well as for individual users.

30.1.2023 - Possibility to import companies of potential customers in the CRM module

A user with company import rights in the CRM module can import companies of potential customers from the national company database, which is now available. Thanks to this import, it is possible to prepare a list of companies to contact in the CRM module. Only selected basic data is imported - company name and publicly available addresses (not contacts - emails, phone numbers).
In the CRM module, after clicking on the Import button, the option "Import companies from the national company database" will be expanded and then it is possible to specify the companies you are interested in importing according to various criteria (district, date of establishment, form, number of employees, branch of business). A maximum of 100 records can be imported at a time.

26.1.2023 - Working calendar 2023

At https://www.eintranet.net/data/Calendar_2023.pdf you can find the 2023 working calendar in PDF on A5.