27.11.2023 - New in the calendar module - possibility to select time period for data export to Excel

In the calendar module, or for individual calendars in the calendar module, it is now possible to select a time period and export the data for that period to Excel. To be able to do this export, the calendar must be set to List.

21.11.2023 - New in the asset register module - the concept of inventory list

In the asset register module the term "inventory list" has been changed to "inventory list". This change was made in order to harmonize the terminology in the area of inventory of assets in accordance with Act No. 563/1991 Coll. on Accounting.

14.11.2023 - New features in the stock management module - printing and sending stock dispatch notes, bulk import of items

In the warehouse management module, the option to print and send warehouse receipts by e-mail has been added. Furthermore, the ability to import stock items in bulk (in Excel) has been added - up to 1000 items can be imported at a time. Please see the "Import items from Excel" button for exact instructions on the format of the imported file.

7.11.2023 - New in the calendar module - possibility to enter reservations (in the reservation module) from the calendar

In the calendar module, it is now possible when entering an event in the selected calendar, to make a reservation in the relevant reservation calendar in the reservation module (e.g. to reserve the necessary room/technique/vehicle). In the settings of the calendar module, or in the settings of the specific calendar, it is first necessary to tick "Allow bookings from calendar". Subsequently, when entering an event in the selected calendar, it is also possible to make a reservation in the selected booking calendar. If you delete an entry in the calendar or booking module, the entry in the other module (i.e. in the booking or calendar module) will also be deleted automatically.

1.11.2023 - New in eIntranet.net - the possibility of renaming files

For files stored in any module within our application, a user who has been granted at least edit and delete permissions in that module can rename the stored files (in any format supported by our application). In case you need to change the name of a file (e.g. to better match its content), right-click on the file and then click Rename. A box will then appear to enter the new file name.

26.10.2023 - Whistleblowing and its technical solution within our application

From 1.8. 2023 (companies with over 250 employees), or 15.12. 2023 (companies with more than 50 employees) companies are obliged to set up an internal system for reporting harmful (illegal) behavior - whistleblowing. Within the modules of the eIntranet.net application, it is possible to use the HelpDesk module for this purpose, thanks to which it is possible to create a reliable and secure system for the clear and efficient resolution of individual notifications. More information on how the HelpDesk module or set up a specific project in this module can be found here: https://www.eintranet.net/data/Whistleblowing .pdf.

16.10.2023 - New in the reservation module - the ability to create parent folders

In the settings of the reservation module, or in the settings of individual items for the reservation it is now possible to enter the field "Superior name". If you have a large number of objects to reserve in your reservations, it is possible to sort them into folders by topic - e.g. Rooms, Vehicles, Technology - and thus make the reservation module clearer for users.

10.10.2023 - New in the Bank Statements module - new options for pairing settings

If you have connected an account for automatic matching of payments (so far it is possible for accounts with Raiffeisenbank and Fio banka, it is possible to program the connection for accounts with other banks on request), it is now possible to select in the settings of the Bank Statements module, or in the editing of the connection of a specific account, whether payments should be automatically matched with invoices received, with invoices issued or whether only exactly the same amounts should be matched, even if the same variable symbol.

3.10.2023 - New in Invoices Received module - possibility to add a file in "Received" section

In the Invoices Received module in the "Received" section, the option to add a file has been added. In case a document is missing from an invoice received - e.g. the supplier forgot to attach the invoice or it is available for download in the supplier's database and only the document header was created in the eIntranet - it is still possible to add it in the Received section (only in this section). Only for documents in pdf format the preview is displayed directly, but any document format can be added (other document types are automatically saved in attachments).

27.9.2023 - New in Invoices Received module - displaying the VAT invoice in the initial overview

In the settings of the Invoices Received module, it is now possible to activate the option "Evidence of TIN". Consequently, in the initial overview of the received invoices, the column DUZP will be displayed directly in the Invoices Received module. This column is then displayed in all sections of the module (Received, To be approved, To be paid, etc.), making it easier to verify this information more quickly if needed.

5.9.2023 - New Vacancies module and vacancies portal www.eijobs.net

Within the application it is possible to use new module Vacancies, which is connected to the vacancies offer on the portal www.eijobs.net (activate the module in Settings -> Enabled modules). The module enables publication of vacancies (free of charge via the portal www.eijobs.net) and complete registration of interviews and tracking of the recruitment process. In the module's settings, it is possible to define interview statuses with candidates according to company needs and to create accompanying texts for advertisements and company presentations for repeated use. Job vacancy advertisements uploaded via eIntranet.net are always displayed in the first position on the www.eijobs.net portal.

24.8.2023 - New in the Attendance module - recording attendance by fingerprint

For the attendance module, we now offer an attendance terminal with a fingerprint reader. By attaching a finger to the reader on the terminal and then identifying the stored fingerprint, the attendance module can automatically record the attendance of users . Within the attendance module it is possible to combine enrolment by means of chips (smart cards, tags, stickers) and fingerprint. The price of the new terminal with a fingerprint reader is CZK 12,300,- excluding VAT. The fingerprint reader can also be added to the terminals used so far (price is CZK 1,500,- excluding VAT). If you are interested in this new function, please contact us at info@eintranet.net.

14.8.2023 - New in Invoices Received module - filtering by approver

In the Invoices Received module in the "To be approved" section, it is now possible to filter received invoices by current approver. The addition of this filter allows for a faster display of invoices that the selected user currently has to approve.

2.8.2023 - New in Invoices Issued - issuing documents with delegated tax liability

In the Invoices issued module, it is now possible to issue documents with delegated tax obligation - you can issue a tax document/invoice, advance invoice, proforma invoice or corrective tax document. In the module settings you need to create a separate centre for each type of document in which you select the appropriate type of document to be issued. In the relevant centre, you will then issue the document as required and it will indicate that it is issued under the reverse charge regime (tax is paid by the customer) and the relevant transaction code.

27.7.2023 - New in Attendance module - automatic pause deduction only for selected users

If you use the automatic pause deduction function in the Attendance module, you can now select only selected users to be automatically deducted pause in the settings of this module. Previously it was only possible to use this feature for all users at once.

1.7.2023 - Celebrating 15 years on the market!

Today is exactly 15 years since the launch of the first version of our app, then still under the name www.nasintranet.net. So let us give you a little recap of what we have done in that time:
  • significantly expanded the range of modules and updated their functionality
  • improved the graphic design
  • increased the security of the application and improved its accessibility
  • expanded the programming team to handle customer requests
  • improved the system for providing technical support and much more.
We thank you for your support so far and hope that our application will continue to be a valuable tool in your companies.

26.6.2023 - New in the Employee Training module - connection with the Tests module

A new option has been added to the employee training module - linking a given training to a test created in the tests module - which enables more advanced setup of the internal employee training system in companies. First, you need to create a test in the tests module as needed, which will be accessible (enabled) only to "Training employees - Users assigned to training". Then, in the settings of the specific training via the "Add test to training" button, you need to select the appropriate test to be taken as part of the training. If the user passes the test assigned within the training, the result of his/her test will appear for the training, or information whether the user has passed the test (according to the requirements defined in the test) or not.

19.6.2023 - New in Invoices Received module - separation of fields Invoice number and Variable symbol

In the Invoices Received module, the Variable Symbol/Supplier Invoice Number field is now divided into 2 separate fields. The "Variable symbol" field is limited to 10 characters (based on the banking institutions' requirement for a maximum number of characters for the variable symbol; this limitation is important mainly for automatic payment matching and export of payment orders to online banking). The "Supplier invoice number" field allows up to 45 characters.

14.6.2023 - New in the HelpDesk module - selection of the solver directly in the web form

A new option "Allow selecting a solver when entering a ticket in the web form" has been added to the HelpDesk settings.
After activating this option and filling in potential solvers who can be directly selected to solve the request, suppliers of the ticket can then directly select a suitable solver (previously, it was necessary to first enter a ticket and then the authorized user had to assign it to someone to solve).

9.6.2023 - New in the cash register module - new field Status

In the settings of the cash register module, or for individual created cash registers, the option to tick the "Status" field has been newly added. For this field it is then possible to define different statuses of receipts and expenses - e.g. to be corrected, to be returned, processed, etc..
The option to select a status from the predefined menu will then appear in the receipt/expense document in the relevant cash register for which it has been set.

5.6.2023 - New in the offer module - online customer approval

In the settings of the menu module, it is now possible to check the option "Customer can agree online". By activating this feature, the option to electronically approve the offer will then appear in the offer email sent to the customer. If the customer wishes to approve the offer sent, the email sent after clicking on the "I agree to the offer and electronically sign" button will require his name and signature, or the customer can add something to the note as needed. The date on which the offer was approved and the IP address from which the approval was made will then be entered directly into the application. The sender is notified of the approved offer via email and the customer's confirmation information is recorded in the offer detail.

31.5.2023 - New in Invoices Received - new field in Search Filter

In the Invoices Received module (in the Approved, Paid, Pending and Rejected sections), in the search filter it is now possible to enter the criterion "Approved" and search for received invoices according to their approvers.

25.5.2023 - New in delivery notes and invoices issued modules - display of EAN code

If you record an EAN code for individual stock items in the warehouse management module, it is now possible to generate this code on the delivery note or issued invoice. When generating a delivery note/invoice, you need to check the "+EAN" option. The EAN code will then appear on the generated delivery note/invoice, which will facilitate the removal of goods from your warehouse or the loading of goods at the customer.

22.5.2023 - New in the menu module - possibility to automatically attach pdf attachments to the menu

In the settings of the offer module it is now possible to upload files that will be automatically attached before or after the created offer. If you want to always attach to the offer, for example, an overview of your company services or references, business conditions, etc., save these files in the module settings, or in the relevant offer group. After the offer is created, the uploaded files are automatically attached to the created offer and sent together with the offer as one document.