Quick start with the app:Quick-start-en.pdf.

Full help in PDF:Help_eIntranet-en.pdf.

Tips for implementing an intranet in your company:Introduced_in_firms.pdf.

Postal data messages:Postal_Data_Reports.pdf.

Two-factor authentication at login:Two-phase_verification_Google_Authenticator.pdf.

How to drag and drop attachments or the entire email into attachments in any eIntranet module without saving to disk:Pretazeni_prilohy_email_from_outlook_to_eIntranet.pdf.

How to open attachments directly from eIntranet modules without intermediate saving to disk:Accelerated_work_opened_priloh.pdf.

How to edit and save documents directly in the eIntranet without intermediate storage on disk:Edit_file_and_release_primo_in_eIntranet.pdf.

Improved translation into foreign languages:Translation.pdf.

eSick leave in the eIntranet:eSick leave.pdf.