Orders received

The orders received module is used to create and electronically record orders received. Efficient work with orders received from corporate customers.

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What you can use the orders received module for

  • Creation of groups of received orders according to company needs.
  • Possibility of recording internal notes/attachments.
  • Connection to related documents - possibility to create a request, order issued, order, delivery note and invoice issued (without delivery note).
  • Connection to the contracts module (selection from registered contracts).
  • Connection with CRM module - customer data recording.
  • Statistics of orders received by year.
  • Search for orders by different criteria - date, company, etc.

As a business owner, it is important to ensure that orders are received and processed quickly and efficiently. Electronic orders received in software eIntranet.net offer businesses a range of distinct advantages over paper-based ordering processes. These advantages include: 1. Speed and Efficiency: By utilizing eIntranet.net’s digital ordering system, businesses can process orders significantly faster than traditional methods. Orders can be completed and shipped far quicker, allowing for increased customer satisfaction. 2. Cost Savings: By removing the need for paper-based systems, businesses can save valuable time and money on printing, mailing, and other office costs related to ordering. Additionally, digital ordering systems allow for more accurate order tracking and analysis, resulting in further cost savings. 3. Improved Accuracy: With electronic ordering, businesses can reduce errors associated with manual data entry. Any changes to orders or customer information can be accurately and rapidly implemented. 4. Advanced features: eIntranet.net offers advanced features such as multi-level approval processes, order tracking, automatic shipping notifications, and product images. These features improve the overall ordering experience and provide businesses with greater control and insight into their operations. Overall, eIntranet.net offers businesses an efficient and cost-effective way to manage orders. Its advanced features and improved accuracy make it an ideal tool for businesses looking to streamline their ordering processes.