Efficient shift planning

The Shift Planning module allows you to plan the occupation of individual work shifts with both human and other necessary (e.g. technical - cars, computers, projectors, etc.) resources in a simple and clear way.

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What you can use shift planning for

  • The module allows you to efficiently allocate the necessary resources (people, vehicles, equipment, classrooms, etc.) for each shift.
  • Employees enter their time options for each day.
  • Responsible employees (e.g. fleet manager, IT) then define the availability of their own resources (cars, classrooms, other equipment); the resources to be used by the company are specified by the application administrator in the module settings.
  • Managers then specify what human and other resources they need to cover a particular shift - they are then shown what resources are available on that day, and then choose which specific resources to use for that shift from the menu.
  • The user is automatically informed about the shift assignment via e-mail; the overall overview of the assigned shifts for the selected period can be found in the My Shifts section.
  • The module allows you to set different types of user rights (from the ability to enter only your time options to the ability to create and delete shifts).
  • If shifts do not overlap, it is possible to allow 1 resource to log in for multiple shifts within 1 day.
  • Using the quick search function, you can then easily search for shifts by date, event name, etc.

Today, businesses are turning to electronic shift planning to streamline their workforce management. Using software like eIntranet.net offers a number of advantages that make managing shift schedules easier and more efficient. One of the main benefits of electronic shift planning is increased accuracy. Companies can avoid costly mistakes by accurately entering employee data into the system, which can then be used to quickly generate shift plans that match the requirements of each individual business. This eliminates the time-consuming manual processes associated with paper-based timekeeping and scheduling. Another advantage of electronic shift planning is improved communication. Managers can quickly and easily make adjustments to the schedule in real-time, allowing them to effectively manage staff resources. With electronic shift planning, employees can also access their schedules at any time and get notifications when changes are made, allowing them to stay organized and productive. Cost savings are another big benefit of using eIntranet.net for shift planning. By automating processes, businesses save money on costly administrative tasks like printing, filing and data entry. Additionally, companies can use the software to track employee hours and better manage labor costs. Finally, eIntranet.net helps businesses achieve greater compliance with labor laws and regulations. The software features tools that enable employers to easily track time off, overtime, holidays and other legal requirements. This reduces the risk of non-compliance and costly litigation. Overall, electronic shift planning with eIntranet.net offers businesses many advantages. It provides an easy and efficient way to generate accurate schedules, communicate with staff in real-time and track employee hours. Plus, it helps businesses stay compliant with labor laws and save money on administrative tasks. Therefore, companies of all sizes should consider making the switch to eIntranet.net for their shift planning needs.