Efficient shift planning

The Shift Planning module allows you to plan the occupation of individual work shifts with both human and other necessary (e.g. technical - cars, computers, projectors, etc.) resources in a simple and clear way.

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What you can use shift planning for

  • The module allows you to efficiently allocate the necessary resources (people, vehicles, equipment, classrooms, etc.) for each shift.
  • Employees enter their time options for each day.
  • Responsible employees (e.g. fleet manager, IT) then define the availability of their own resources (cars, classrooms, other equipment); the resources to be used by the company are specified by the application administrator in the module settings.
  • Managers then specify what human and other resources they need to cover a particular shift - they are then shown what resources are available on that day, and then choose which specific resources to use for that shift from the menu.
  • The user is automatically informed about the shift assignment via e-mail; the overall overview of the assigned shifts for the selected period can be found in the My Shifts section.
  • The module allows you to set different types of user rights (from the ability to enter only your time options to the ability to create and delete shifts).
  • If shifts do not overlap, it is possible to allow 1 resource to log in for multiple shifts within 1 day.
  • Using the quick search function, you can then easily search for shifts by date, event name, etc.