Creating your own forms, filling them in on-line and archiving them.

The forms module allows you to create an electronic form, fill it in and store it electronically. If necessary, the application automatically monitors whether the form has been completed by the deadline and sends notifications to relevant users about the need to complete the form.

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What you can use the forms module for

  • In the module settings, individual types of forms are created according to the company's needs - e.g. cleaning report, shift record, applicant form...
  • For each form you can set:
    • for which days it must be filled in
    • who must fill it in
    • by what time it must be filled in
  • After completing the form, you can have the completed form sent to a supervisor or other designated person.
  • In the case of more than one person completing the form, it is only possible to save the form and have the form sent to the supervisor after the last person has completed the form.
  • If the form is not filled in by the deadline, it is possible to have an e-mail or SMS alert sent automatically to the user who should have filled in the form.
  • A summary of forms not completed by the deadline is sent to the supervisor.
  • It is possible to specify specific access rights for each form created.
  • In the module it is possible to search for completed forms by date of entry or by author of the entry. Completed forms can be exported to Excel or printed.

The use of electronic forms in software offers numerous advantages to companies and their employees. This system facilitates an efficient, secure, and cost-effective method for completing, submitting, and tracking documents. It also enables streamlined communication between departments and personnel. Using electronic forms in software reduces paper usage, saving both time and money. Documents can be quickly and easily developed, populated, reviewed and approved. Moreover, data entry errors are reduced, since the software verifies form data before submission. Software allows for features such as digital signatures and automated routing of forms, reducing manual labor and increasing efficiency. Workflows can be easily customized to suit an organization’s needs, and notifications can alert personnel of tasks that require completion. The software also provides detailed reporting capabilities. Reports can contain information from multiple departments and can be used to track progress, manage budgets, and identify areas requiring improvement. Overall, offers a comprehensive platform to streamline form processing. Companies that adopt this technology benefit from improved organizational efficiency, increased accuracy, and reduced costs.