Please see below for references of some of our long term customers:

AISE, s.r.o.

We develop different modules, such as applications, to find all the information you need in one place. In case of need, it is not a problem to arrange with the application operator to customize a specific module according to our needs.

Alcron Hotel, Prague

We greatly appreciate the application module, which makes the process of approving each application in our company more efficient and much easier.

ALVIFIT, s.r.o.

In we have found a number of modules useful for our company. The great advantage is the liveliness of the application - i.e. new modules are constantly being developed and we can run them free of charge.


The eIntranet. net application makes it easier for them to operate our company in the field of construction, especially thanks to the new construction module.

Centrin CZ s.r.o.

The various modules of are also available for users working in social services.

Pavel Kolin Centre of Movement Medicine

Development of standard modules, but also custom-made user interfaces or the development of new modules all this facilitates the operation of our center.

Home NaNovo, p.o.

We are satisfied with the application and will use it especially for efficient organization management and information transfer.

ECoGas Technology, s.r.o.

We decided to use the app both because of the wide range of features it offers and because of the very affordable subscription price.

HoSt Home-Start Czech Republic, z.ú.

We rate the application as very user-friendly, for example the documents module, in which it is possible to set different access types for different users. Overall, it is a very user-friendly and easy to use tool even in the helping professions

J.V.Å , s.r.o.

"Every work activity in the field of electroplating and plastic welding is facilitated by the procurement module with the possibility of linking to the assignment of specific training courses to employees through the procurement module and the command module.

Jáchymov nursery

The application is a valuable tool for the technical support of the operation of classrooms.

LUKR CZ a.s.

We use the attendance and holidays module within the app and we are satisfied with their performance so far.


The whole application, including the asset register, is a great asset for us, so we have a perfect overview of all medical equipment.

Medevac Trauma Clinic s.r.o.

We appreciate the variety of modules offered as well as the possibility of extending the application with additional modules according to our needs.

MEFRA s.r.o.

We rate the functioning of the application as seamless and very beneficial for the operation of our company.

Office line s.r.o.

The application makes it easier for them to carry out their daily work activities. We will use the attendance module and the possibility to record it using this feature, which will save our employees' time and financial resources every day.

SAPHO bathrooms

Easy accessibility of all company regulations and other company documentation for employees in one place is a great convenience for their operation.

Schoeller Instruments, s.r.o.

The benefit for our company is the use of standard modules of the offered applications as well as newly developed modules tailored exactly to our needs.

Private speech therapy clinic LOGO

We are very satisfied with the functioning of the application, we also appreciate the seamless cooperation with the operator in case of need to fine-tune or adjust some functions according to our needs.

Water protection service ÄÄK, z.s.

They like the eIntranet application very much. Most of all, we appreciate the number of modules and the fast processing of the reports needed for our activity.

2Pnet s.r.o.

We are maximally satisfied with the operation of the application, the benefit is the wide range of modules available, providing the most important operational facilities.