Monitoring the commercial register

The Commercial Register Monitoring module enables automatic monitoring of changes in entries in the Commercial Register (CR).

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What you can use the business register watch for

  • After entering the identification data of the entity for which changes are to be tracked, relevant users are automatically informed by the system if changes are made to that entity.
  • If changes are made to the monitored entity, the relevant users are notified by email.
  • The Commercial Register is a public register in which the statutory data on entrepreneurs are recorded - e.g. company name, registered office, subject of business, shareholders; in order to perform certain legal acts, an extract from the Commercial Register, which is officially certified, is required.
  • If a change in the Commercial Register is recorded in time by the relevant entity, it is possible to avoid major inconveniences - there have been attempts to steal companies on the basis of changes in the Commercial Register, and these changes were made on the basis of forged written documents; similarly, early recording of an attempt to transfer a failing company to a new unknown entity can prevent a possible major financial loss.
  • Entities, for which changes in OR are to be monitored, can be imported in bulk from Excel - a maximum of 100 companies/persons can be imported at any one time.