Applying for leave electronically

The leave module both facilitates and streamlines the process of approving employee leave (everything is done electronically) and clearly records leave usage (monthly and annual reports, remaining leave). Leave can be recorded and requests can be submitted in hours or days.

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What you can use the holiday module for

  • Users (usually their supervisors, who automatically receive an electronic request by email that they can approve or reject directly from the email) can approve or reject leave for individual employees; the overall overview can be seen, for example, by company owners or the HR department.
  • The overall holiday overview is visible in a clear calendar and can be downloaded, for example for payroll purposes, in excel for individual months.
  • Applications (leave requests) and approvals are electronic and as automated as possible. So you won't spend time or money on work that a technician can do for you. The leave module does everything for you, including generating reports for your payroll accountant and the ability to import leave into your payroll software.
  • One day of leave for the average employee who is not properly registered costs your company money. So no more paper slips that can get lost or cluttered spreadsheets that get forgotten.
  • In the app, employees can use the web interface to schedule time off, request it from their supervisors, and then track the current status of their request. The management has a perfect overview of the planned leave, which can prevent problems with inappropriate leave dates with respect to the smooth functioning of the organization.
  • In the module settings it is possible to define which user can see other users' holidays. It is also possible to define what type of leave an employee can request - vacation, sick day, paid or unpaid leave.
  • Within the module, it is possible to download an export of holidays for a selected month for import into IS Premier.

Electronic Vacations (eVacations) in software offers businesses many advantages over traditional methods of managing employee vacations and other time off. The benefits of using eVacations include improved accuracy, increased efficiency and cost savings. Accuracy: eVacation ensures that vacation requests are tracked accurately and efficiently. All information is stored in a secure, cloud-based system accessible from any device with an internet connection. This eliminates paper processing, eliminates manual entry errors, and reduces processing time. Requests are approved or denied in a timely manner, freeing up HR staff to focus on other tasks. Efficiency: eVacations also simplifies the vacation request process. Employees can submit their requests from any location with an internet connection, eliminating the need to submit physical forms or wait for approval from multiple locations. Employee profiles are stored in one centralized system, making it easier for supervisors to review past vacations and make accurate decisions about upcoming requests. Cost Savings: By streamlining vacation request processing, eVacations can reduce operational costs for businesses. The cost of paper processing can be eliminated and the time it takes to process and approve requests can be significantly reduced. Additionally, the accuracy of the system allows businesses to avoid potential costs associated with disputes over vacation requests or incorrectly recorded information. Overall, eVacations offer businesses many advantages over traditional methods of managing employee vacations and other time off. From improved accuracy and increased efficiency to cost savings, businesses of all sizes are poised to benefit from automated vacation request processing.