Delivery notes

The delivery notes module allows for clear processing of delivery notes and setting up different groups of delivery notes as required.

Available in languages:

What you can use the delivery notes module for

  • Creation of groups of delivery notes according to company needs/stock.
  • Possibility of recording internal notes/attachments.
  • Follow-up to related documents - orders, invoices.
  • Connection to the contracts module (selection from registered contracts).
  • Connection with CRM module - customer/supplier data recording.
  • Search for delivery notes by various criteria - date, company, etc.
  • If the EAN code is also listed in the warehouse management for the item to be picked, it is possible to generate this code on the delivery note, which facilitates picking or loading at the customer.

Electronic Delivery Notes (EDN), powered by, is an invaluable tool for businesses of all sizes. By automating the process of creating and delivering delivery notes, EDN helps companies streamline their logistics operations and reduce unnecessary costs. Here are some of the advantages of using EDN: 1. Increased Efficiency: EDN eliminates the need for manual paperwork and manual tasks associated with delivery notes, saving a tremendous amount of time and effort. EDN also reduces the chances of errors due to manual data entry or incorrect information. 2. Cost Savings: EDN can reduce operational costs associated with manually generating and distributing delivery notes. Companies can save on materials, printing and postage costs by using EDN. 3. Automated Document Generation: EDN automatically generates accurate and reliable documents. This helps companies avoid costly errors caused by manual paperwork. 4. Real-Time Tracking: With EDN, users can track their delivery notes in real-time. This allows companies to efficiently manage the delivery process and save time. 5. Secure Accessibility: EDN provides secure access to all delivery notes and documents, ensuring that sensitive business information is properly and securely stored. Overall, EDN is an efficient and cost-effective way to streamline the process of creating and delivering delivery notes. By using EDN, companies can reduce the risks associated with manual processes and improve their logistics operations.