A tool to facilitate the completion of customized logs

The protocols module allows electronic processing of protocols with a standardized form (about measurement, inspection, meeting, etc.) including the insertion of the signature of the protocol processor and sending by e-mail.

Available in languages:

What you can use the logs module for:

  • Create individual log forms according to your company's needs - you can simply create the logs and hand them over to users for use.
  • Within each section, you can define specific types of rows (e.g. name, number, date, table, selection, selection from asset register).
  • You can preset default values for individual form fields.
  • The module is divided into sections: all - created - submitted - completed.
  • Only my logs/all logs can be displayed.
  • The module can be connected to CRM (company retrieval), asset register (info about used devices) and HelpDesk (connection to saved tickets).
  • The created report can be sent by email (as a PDF) or printed.
  • Searching in logs is possible according to preset log types.

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