Simple and clear stock records

The warehouse management module enables complete warehouse management - creation of individual items, receipts, sales, reservations, inventories. It is possible to create multiple warehouse groups as required.

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Electronic warehouse management

  • Clear tracking of stock movements for individual warehouse items
  • Warehouse management includes stock cards, items, purchases, receipts, reservations, stock movements and inventories
  • Efficient management of prices of individual items - possibility of setting individual prices for customers, purchase and sale prices; overview of price development
  • Possibility to set user rights and operation of individual warehouses according to company needs
  • Possibility to record the EAN code and generate it on the delivery note and invoice issued (speeding up on-/off-loading).

The world of modern warehousing is changing, and businesses of all sizes are turning to electronic Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) to help them keep up with the pace.’s Warehouse Management System is designed to help streamline the management process, delivering a range of benefits to warehouse operators and businesses alike. At, our Warehouse Management System enables businesses to gain more control and transparency over their entire operation. It allows for fast and efficient data collection, offering flexibility and scalability as businesses grow. The system can monitor inventory levels in real-time, from stock in transit to storage and beyond. This ensures that inventory accuracy is maintained at all times, leading to improved customer satisfaction and better decision making.'s WMS also helps automate processes to increase efficiency and reduce staff costs. This includes automated ordering and tracking of shipments, which helps improve stock availability and accuracy. In addition, businesses can use the system to create detailed reports on buying trends and customer behaviour. This information can be used to make informed decisions about new product development, pricing strategies and promotions. Another key benefit of's WMS is the range of customization options available. Businesses can customize the system to meet their specific needs, allowing them to tailor the system to their own processes. This makes it a great choice for those looking for a complete and comprehensive solution. By partnering with, warehouse operators can enjoy complete control and visibility over their operations. Our Warehouse Management System ensures accuracy and efficiency, while providing a range of customization options to help businesses save time and money. With our system, businesses can create reports, manage inventory, monitor shipments, and much more – all with the click of a button. Put simply,'s Warehouse Management System is the ideal solution for businesses looking to optimize their warehousing operations.