Property records electronically

The asset register module allows you to register all company assets in a simple and clear way.

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What you can use the asset register module for

  • For each asset item, you can see the total number of units (e.g. pieces, kg, sets, files, etc.) and the number of units currently available.
  • Assets can be located, i.e. assigned to a person who will be responsible for them and who can consume them.
  • Within the module, it is also possible to define your own asset type and specify an e-mail address to which you will receive a notification in case of a change in the asset status.
  • For each asset item, it is possible to enter and record essential data related to the management of this asset, such as its registration number, asset type, centre, location, details of its purchase, warranty expiry date, asset photo, etc.
  • A record shall be kept of each modification made to the recorded property.
  • Relevant operational information can be added to individual asset items on an ongoing basis (asset loans, complaints, etc.).
  • The module allows you to set different rights for different types of users (from the ability to simply view the records to the ability to edit, add, delete and restore individual items of property).
  • Within the module, it is possible to generate a handover report for each recorded item of property to a specific user/employee.