System for transmitting information via sms

The sms module is used to quickly inform employees via sms messages. If necessary, a user with the relevant rights can send a text message to one or more employees who are listed as users in the application.

Available in languages:

What you can use the sms module for

  • Quick transmission of important information such as a change of deadline, reminder of an important task or event, convening a meeting, etc. - this is advantageous, for example, when a large number of message recipients are away from the workplace.
  • The number of users to whom it is possible to send a text message at the same time is not limited, or corresponds to the number of users who use the eIntranet application within the company.
  • Messages can also be sent to groups of users - e.g. by job title or location (office).
  • The message is limited to 140 characters.
  • Recipients will see the text "SMS from intranet" before the message text.

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