Attendance system

The attendance module is used to clearly record and approve the attendance of all employees. In a simple and efficient way, it allows recording various types of events within the attendance of a specific employee - standard working hours, business trip, doctor, illness, treatment of a family member, etc.

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What you can use the attendance module for

  • Facilitates supervisors' control of employees' working hours and assists in creating payroll documents, including travel and meal/allowance claims. Thanks to attendance records, you also have an overview of overtime/subtime for individual employees - the system allows you to offset them against pay.
  • Within the module it is possible to record night and weekend shifts or work on public holidays.
  • The app allows for automatic time sheets to be pre-populated for employees, and employees only add changes if they occur.
  • Time and attendance can be recorded either by standard completion or by using a chip assigned to each employee which is used at the entry point of the reading device - the chips and reading device are an additional service and are not included in the cost of operating the system.
  • The Attendance module is linked to the Vacation module - so if a user is approved for a vacation within the Vacation module, the vacation date is automatically entered into the calendar within the Attendance module.
  • In the module settings it is possible to enter the hourly rate of employees, which is then exported to the attendance report in Excel. This makes it possible to prepare a more comprehensive basis for the payroll accountant.
  • Within the module, it is possible to submit attendance for a certain period for approval by employees with assigned rights (e.g. supervisors).
  • Working hours can be pre-filled or copied from individual days. It is also possible to set up automatic pre-filling of different user working hours for individual working days.

Automatic recording of employee sickness absence is possible in the attendance report - to set up automatic recording, it is necessary to have the data messages and eSick leave modules active.

The module allows you to download employee timesheets for inspection by the Labour Inspectorate.

Within the module, it is possible to set the conditions for calculating the entitlement to meal vouchers for a given calendar year.