Electronic logbook and GPS vehicle tracking

The GPS vehicle tracking module enables real-time tracking of vehicle movements on the map and recording of this traffic in the logbook, driver identification and switching between private and business trips.
Automatically generates logbooks, using it you save a lot of time and money for manual logbook keeping and calculation of diets - domestic and foreign. The per diems are generated in excel as a simple basis for the payroll accountant.
The trip book extracts can be exported to different file formats or made available to multiple users. Tracking the history of operational data is a matter of course.
Our electronic logbook is accepted by financial authorities without reservation.

Available in languages:

Basic features and options of the GPS logbook

  • Quick self-installation (in case of purchasing the unit into the OBD connector or on the car battery) - you just plug the received preset GPS unit into the OBD socket/car battery of the vehicle (installation takes a few minutes and you can already track the vehicle).
  • Automatic recording of the location (in the format: street, descriptive number, municipality, state) and the time of the start and end of the journey.
  • Automatic calculation of distance travelled. Diet calculation for the Czech Republic and abroad.
  • Possibility to distinguish the type of driving (private x business) - automatic (according to time and working day) or manual.
  • Option to specify the purpose of the journey - e.g. business meeting, business meeting, etc. Setting of own areas - possibility of SMS/Email information when entering/exiting the set areas (also suitable as a theft prevention). This setting can also be used at a defined time to monitor, for example, night exits for vehicles that are not normally driven at night.
  • Possibility to upload documents related to the journey (refuelling, parking...) or other notes.
  • Choice of icon type and colour for each vehicle. Assign drivers to vehicles. Anonymizing private rides.
  • Vehicle security - you have an overview of their movements, the possibility of setting alerts for movements outside the permitted time (for example, at night). Possibility to monitor battery voltage and alert when it drops by SMS/Email (also suitable as a theft prevention).

Monthly payment for operation: 159,-Kč excluding VAT for the whole EU

Installation of OBD GPS unit into a car - PDF document - the advantage of this unit is very easy installation and simple possibility of possible replacement into another vehicle in case of sale/lease.

Vehicle GPS Unit


  • Simple wiring
  • Transfer to another vehicle
  • Extensions (e.g. chip reader for driver identification)

GPS on car battery

  • Simple wiring
  • Transfer to another vehicle
  • Extensions (e.g. chip reader for driver identification)

GPS hardwired with CAN connectivity

  • Simple wiring
  • Transfer to another vehicle
  • Extensions (e.g. chip reader for driver identification)

Expansion modules for GPS fixed

CAN connection module

  • Read data from CAN

Business/private switch

  • HW ride type switch

Identification chips

  • Driver Identification Chips

RFID Identification

  • RFID Driver Identification

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