System for sharing company information

The novelty module is designed for fast intra-company communication, enabling clear and continuous transfer of information between employees. Sharing news promotes better employee awareness and contributes to their belonging to the company.

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What you can use the news module for

  • Within the news module, the company gets a single place, accessible at any time for all employees, where not only operational information (deadlines, tasks, notifications) can be posted.
  • If necessary, it is possible to restrict access to news to certain users or to specify who has the right to write news.
  • News is displayed from the date you specify or indefinitely.
  • If links to web pages or images are included in the newsletter, they can be inserted directly into the text of the newsletter.
  • You can search the registered news by various criteria - e.g. by title or type of news. is a powerful and user-friendly software platform for companies to boost their productivity and communication efficiency. Electronic News is one of the many features that it offers, and it has several advantages that make it an invaluable asset to any organization. A key advantage of electronic news is its convenience factor. It is much easier to quickly and conveniently broadcast information to a large number of users than with other methods. All users can access, read and respond to news items at once, eliminating the need to use a newspaper or newsletter. This saves an enormous amount of time and resources, while still ensuring the organization is well informed. Another great benefit of electronic news is its cost-effectiveness. Paper copies and mailing costs can add up to be quite high when sharing news with a large audience. With’s news feature, all of this becomes virtually free. Rather than spending money on ink and paper, companies can simply create a news feed to keep all of their employees in the loop. Finally, electronic news helps to keep users up-to-date with the latest news from the organization. All news items are centralized in one place, easily accessible, and regularly updated. This streamlines communication and ensures everyone is always on top of the most recent developments. In conclusion, electronic news is a great tool for any company looking to drive efficiency and save resources. With’s intuitive software platform, now more than ever, organizations can harness the unlimited power of electronic news.