System for assigning and tracking tasks

The tasks module is used to clearly manage and assign tasks to employees and external collaborators, or to all users who have access rights to the module. The rights of individual users are simply defined by the application administrator, and then it is possible to assign the necessary tasks to them.

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What you can use the tasks module for

  • Within the module, it is possible to track the history of the task and monitor its progress.
  • In addition to the task completion date, it is also possible to set a requirement for entering the time of task completion.
  • The task originator can specify the priority of the task. The specified priority levels are by default defined as: lowest - low - medium - high - highest. The number of priority levels and their names can be modified by the application administrator according to the company needs.
  • Tasks shall be recorded including all notes, statuses and changes made to them and attachments added to them. The work done on individual tasks can be reported, thanks to the link with the work reports module.
  • All assigned solvers and the sponsor are informed of any change in the task and its progress.
  • When entering a task, it is possible to set a task completion reminder for the principal investigator or all investigators. The reminder can be sent by e-mail or sms. Tasks can be submitted to solvers in bulk - this feature is useful when submitting the same type of task to multiple users with a subsequent request for confirmation of task completion from each solver separately.
  • When displaying a selected task, you can clearly see the current status of the task - new, assigned, solved, waiting for a response, suspended, returned - to be solved, solved, cancelled.
  • Tasks can be sorted according to different filters - all tasks, my pending tasks, by assignor or task status. Advanced search in tasks is possible using various criteria - by task name, by the period when the task was created, by task submitter or task solvers.

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