Driver registration software

The driver registration module allows you to efficiently and clearly record basic information about drivers of vehicles in companies (driver's license numbers, groups for which the driver is authorized, any restrictions) and monitor the timeliness of related dates (validity of driver's licenses, medical examinations or driver training). It is also possible to monitor the dates of medical examinations for users who do not have a driving licence.

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What you can use the driving record for

  • The recorded data is divided into several sections - basic data, licence groups, training and medical examinations.
  • The module defines the main data that will be recorded, but it is possible to turn off/on the display of selected data as required.
  • In addition to the standard groups of driving licences, the module also allows you to register licences for pallet trucks.
  • The module monitors upcoming deadlines (expiry of driving licence, medical examination or professional training) and automatically sends an e-mail message to the relevant persons informing them of the upcoming expiry (14 days before the deadline).
  • It is also possible to keep a record of medical examinations for users who do not have a driving licence. Within the record, it is possible to set the period of repeating medical examinations (1 year to 6 years) and to monitor the validity of these examinations.
  • It is possible to search the data on drivers in the register using the quick search function or filter users according to the driving licences they have obtained.
  • All data on drivers in the register can be downloaded into a clear Excel spreadsheet.
  • The module allows you to set different access rights for different types of users - from the ability to simply view the register to the ability to enter, edit and delete data about drivers in the register.

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