Effective management of company orders

Perfect overview of company orders and their implementation process. The Contracts module makes it easy to keep track of deadlines, control tasks and work done. Within the module it is possible to clearly record any changes related to the implementation of the contract.

Available in languages:

What you can use the contracts module for

  • Clear record of company orders
  • Within the records it is possible to set according to company needs what data will be recorded for orders - e.g. order name, orderer, order number or its priority, or even in what structure (e.g. how the order numbers will look)
  • Connection to the tasks module - it is possible to assign tasks related to the execution of the order to the relevant employees
  • Connection to the work reports module - work done for a given job can be entered into the work reports directly at the job
  • Easy search of registered orders according to various criteria - e.g. order actuality, order number or order name
  • It is possible to give employees different access rights to specified orders - e.g. access only to orders where the employee is listed x access to all orders