Electronic recording of work performed and related costs for customers (including the possibility of electronic customer signature)

The timesheets module is used to report work performed and related costs. Within the module it is possible to create a database of used devices, equipment, service work, material, transport and print the form generated in pdf including the customer's signature. The module allows you to create different groups of work reports as required.

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Electronic processing of work reports

  • Efficient and clear management of documents for invoicing of work done to customers
  • Possibility to create different groups of work reports as required
  • Setting up individual parts of the reports as required - filling in instruments/equipment, labour, material, transport, incidental costs
  • Possibility of signing the completed work report by the customer directly in the application
  • Indication of the worksheet that it is already intended for invoicing for invoicers
  • Option to print the work report in pdf or send it by e-mail
  • Ability to filter work reports according to their status