Recording information on employees

The module allows you to clearly store contact details relating to your own employees. Employee information displayed within this module is automatically uploaded from the Settings section, Users tab, by the application administrator. The module allows you to insert a photo of the employee and quickly find the information you need.

Available in languages:

What you can use the Employees module for

  • Clear storage of contact details of own employees, such as:
    • first and last name
    • email address
    • telephone (mobile, landline)
    • office
    • other personnel data (personal number, centre, organisational unit)
  • Organizational structure view - the diagram is automatically generated based on the supervisor settings for each user
  • Better orientation in the company structure - the module allows you to insert a photo of the employee, which is advantageous for example in larger companies or for new employees.
  • If necessary, it is possible to add optional fields in the module settings with access only for selected users - this allows the registration of more sensitive data such as employee's date of birth, bank account number, etc.
  • It is also possible to record documents in the form of an attachment for individual employees - e.g. employment contracts or other certificates.
  • Quick search and sorting of contacts makes it easier to find the information you need.
  • The data contained in the module can be downloaded to Excel or printed if required.
  • After entering the nearest superior employee (in Settings, Users tab), you can have the module display the organization chart of users.

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