Project planning and progress monitoring software

The projects module allows a clear display of basic information about the project, individual project activities (main and sub-projects) and control of their implementation as well as tasks related to project implementation.

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What you can use the projects module for:

  • Various access rights can be assigned to users - from the right to read to the ability to edit and delete projects; specific access rights can be defined for each specific project.
  • Projects can be sorted into active/inactive.
  • The basic project data is preset, other optional fields recording project information can be defined in the module settings.
  • It is possible to assign a group of items/specific items, their implementation date, responsible persons, etc. to individual project parts - the entered data is then clearly displayed in the Gantt chart.
  • Relevant tasks can be linked to project activities - either a new task can be created for a specific project activity created or a task can be selected from the tasks already created in the tasks module and assigned to the project activity.
  • All events and changes related to the implementation of the project are recorded.
  • The overview of the entered projects can be exported to Excel, or the information for a specific project can be printed. is an innovative web-based intranet platform for businesses of all sizes. This powerful software solution provides a comprehensive suite of tools and features to streamline communications, increase productivity and take full advantage of the power of the internet. Here are some of the key advantages of • Improve Collaboration: By providing an online platform where teams and departments can collaborate on projects in real time, helps to improve collaboration and knowledge sharing within organizations. Teams can easily share documents and access information stored in a secure, central repository. • Increased Productivity: Employees can quickly access information stored in a single, centralized location, allowing them to quickly find relevant information, access documents and data, and respond to customer inquiries quickly. • Cost Savings: By eliminating the need for expensive hardware and software investments, significantly reduces IT infrastructure costs as well as software license and maintenance fees. • Security: All data stored on’s secure servers is backed up regularly and encrypted to protect it from theft or unauthorized access. The robust security measures ensure the safety of your important business information. • Scalable Platform: The system is designed to grow with your business and can easily be modified or upgraded to meet the changing needs of your organization. is an effective tool for businesses of all sizes looking to improve collaboration, increase productivity, reduce costs, and ensure the security of their data. With its powerful feature set and flexible platform, is the perfect solution for all your electronic project needs.