Orders issued

The issued orders module is used to create and electronically record issued orders. It is possible to set up different groups of issued orders as required.

Available in languages:

What you can use the order module for

  • Creation of groups of issued orders according to company needs.
  • Possibility of recording internal notes/attachments.
  • Connection to related documents - possibility to create a request, order issued, order, delivery note and invoice issued (without delivery note).
  • Connection to the contracts module (selection from registered contracts).
  • Connection with CRM module - customer data recording.
  • Statistics of issued orders by years.
  • Search for orders by different criteria - date, company, etc.

In today’s business landscape, electronic orders issued in software eIntranet.net can provide crucial benefits for any organization. eIntranet.net is a user-friendly and feature-rich platform that helps organizations increase efficiency, streamline its processes, and improve customer service. Here are some of the advantages of electronic orders issued in eIntranet.net: 1. Automation: eIntranet.net offers automated order processing, which can save time and effort. This includes automated confirmation, shipping, delivery and payment notifications. With this system, businesses can quickly respond to customer inquiries and orders, resulting in improved customer satisfaction. 2. Security: Electronic orders are sent through a secure system that encrypts data and ensures the confidentiality of customers’ private information. This increases customer confidence and reduces the risk of fraudulent orders. 3. Accuracy: Electronic orders are less likely to be incorrect or incomplete than paper orders. Any order information entered into the system is immediately available for review, allowing for quick detection of any errors. Automated verification also improves accuracy and minimizes mistakes. 4. Efficiency: Electronic orders help streamline operations by eliminating outdated paperwork. The process is faster and more efficient, from order placement to delivery. This leads to increased productivity and reduced costs. 5. Tracking: eIntranet.net provides real-time tracking of orders. This allows customers and businesses to track orders as they move through each stage, from placement to fulfillment. This makes it easier to ensure timely delivery and increases customer satisfaction. Overall, with its user-friendly features, automated processes, and comprehensive tracking, electronic orders issued in eIntranet.net provide numerous advantages for businesses. The platform helps businesses streamline their operations, increase efficiency and customer satisfaction, and reduce the risk of errors.