Programme for electronic recording of labour statements

The timesheets module allows you to record the work done by individual hours worked. With the help of this module it is possible to continuously monitor and evaluate individual orders and projects, to easily invoice the work performed and to obtain a clear basis for payroll.

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What you can use the timesheets module for

  • By keeping timesheets, managers, as well as payroll staff, can see how many hours an employee has worked:
    • per day
    • per week
    • per month
    • per compensatory period
    • how much of it was overtime or night work, etc.
  • The statistics of the reported work in the required periods, both by individual employees and orders, can be displayed in a graphical display.
  • Within the module, it is possible to search for already entered timesheets by employee name, calendar year or job or multiple jobs at once.
  • In case the user has not filled in the timesheet for X days back (set by the application administrator), the application will automatically send the user a notification via e-mail or sms that the timesheets need to be completed.
  • Different types of rights can be set for individual users of the module - e.g. to write and read their work, to write and read the work of selected users or to write and read the work of all users.
  • The user rights for displaying or recording the work done can also be set within the module according to individual orders or projects.
  • Within the module, it is possible to restrict the names of the jobs for which the job reports will be filled in - either only the administrator can define the job names or the job names will be loaded from the jobs module.
  • The data contained in the module can be downloaded to Excel (including totals) or printed if required.

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