Electronic company tests

The module provides a complete testing process (creation, implementation and evaluation of the test) online and obtaining information about the knowledge of not only users of the company intranet, but also other external entities.

Available in languages:

What you can use the tests module for

  • Quick, simple and efficient retrieval of information about test subjects' knowledge.
  • Easy test administration and management, automatic test results generation and display in clear tables.
  • Test results can be displayed by individual users and by individual questions and exported to .pdf.
  • The tests module can be used especially in the framework of corporate training (verification of basic knowledge of employees necessary for the performance of a specific profession or monitoring their progress in further corporate training) or for the detection of knowledge of other cooperating subjects (customers, clients, patients, etc.).
  • When creating a new test, the test administrator sets the date when the test will be available (from-to) and to whom (all or selected eIntranet users in the company, anyone), or a time limit for completing the test or for completing single test questions.
  • Within the module you can create questions with different answer options (text answer, numeric answer, 1 correct option, multiple correct options and more).
  • After answering the question, it is possible to let the test taker see the correct answer. At the end of the test, you can let the test taker know whether he or she has passed or failed the test.
  • The test administrator can set a random order of questions in the test, select only a certain number of prepared questions for the test or the minimum number of points required to pass the test.

In the modern technological age, more and more companies are turning to electronic tests to assess the effectiveness of their employees. Electronic tests, available via eIntranet.net, are an excellent way to provide feedback to both employers and employees. Here are just a few of the advantages of using an electronic test in software eIntranet.net: 1. Accuracy and Reliability: Electronic tests can be taken quickly with minimal effort, and the results are accurate and reliable. These types of tests can be graded automatically, without the need for human input, ensuring that results are impartial and valid. Results can also be compared to other tests or benchmarks and analyzed to detect employee progress or weaknesses over time. 2. Time-Saving: The time it takes to grade, analyze, and compile test results is significantly reduced when electronic tests are used. Additionally, electronic tests can be designed so that a variety of questions are randomly generated from a pre-determined testing pool, eliminating the need for multiple versions of tests. 3. Cost-Effectiveness: While initial costs may be high for implementing electronic tests, long-term costs are reduced due to increased accuracy and faster results. This can result in a decrease in labor and administrative costs associated with manual testing methods. 4. Flexibility: Electronic tests can be easily customized to accommodate the specific requirements of any business. Different question formats and styles can be used in order to better evaluate different types of knowledge, skills, and abilities. Additionally, tests can be taken remotely, allowing employees to work at their own convenience. Overall, electronic tests in software eIntranet.net provide businesses with a number of advantages. They are accurate, reliable, cost-effective, and flexible, making them an invaluable resource for assessing the effectiveness of employees.