Display of current exchange rates of individual currencies according to the CNB

The Currency Rates module allows you to view the current exchange rate of foreign currencies (automatically downloaded from the CNB). It is also possible to display graphs to monitor the exchange rate development.

Available in languages:

  • Clear display of the current exchange rates of individual foreign currencies
  • Automatic downloading of exchange rates from the CNB
  • Possibility to monitor the exchange rate of individual currencies
  • Use of downloaded courses within invoices issued

The use of electronic currency rates in software eIntranet.net is quickly becoming a standard for businesses to accurately manage their finances. With the ability to immediately access current and historical information for any exchange rate, businesses are able to increase accuracy, reduce costs, and gain insight into international markets. The following are some of the main advantages of using electronic currency rates in eIntranet.net. 1. Accurate Exchange Rates: By utilizing software eIntranet.net, businesses can access up-to-date foreign exchange (FX) rates on a regular basis with accuracy. This helps ensure that all financial transactions, including receivables and payments, are made with the most accurate exchange rate. This eliminates the need to check with banks and other sources for the latest rates, saving time and resources. 2. Reducing Costs: By having access to accurate exchange rates, businesses can avoid costly fees associated with manual currency conversion. This eliminates the need to pay extra costs for obtaining current FX rates and provides more control over the budget. 3. Market Analysis: With access to comprehensive and detailed market analysis, businesses can be better informed about financial markets. This helps them make smart decisions when it comes to foreign exchange and other business transactions. 4. Scalability: With the ability to rapidly scale the software according to business needs, businesses can easily accommodate changes in the global currency market. This allows for faster implementation, greater flexibility, and improved reliability. 5. Increased Efficiency: Automated systems offer greater efficiency, allowing businesses to complete transactions faster. This reduces processing times, increases security, and results in cost savings. By leveraging eIntranet.net’s electronic currency rates, businesses can maximize accuracy and efficiency while reducing costs associated with currency conversion. This helps businesses stay competitive in today’s ever-changing global market.