Managing effective internal training

The Employee Training module allows you to list individual training courses, assign employees to relevant training courses and record which training courses an employee is due to attend or has already attended. Together with the Tests module, it allows setting up an effective system of internal employee training in companies.

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What you can use the employee training module for

  • The ability to grant different access rights to users - from the right to read to the ability to enter training for other users.
  • The user is informed about the assignment to the training via e-mail.
  • The system provides for different ways of completing the training:
    • familiarisation with the text, where at the end the employee confirms that he/she has familiarised himself/herself with the text
    • completion of the training is confirmed by entering the date directly by the employee
    • completion of the training is confirmed by the supervisor
  • The app notifies users of training they must complete in the next 14 days.
  • When confirming the completion of the training, it is possible to attach files - e.g. diplomas, certificates, attestations - which allows you to have a perfect overview of the certificates obtained.
  • Training can be entered as recurring - e.g. after a year, training is automatically listed again for employees.
  • Using the "Search" field, it is then possible to search for training by individual employee, date or training topic.
  • It is possible to export the list of employees and the training courses they have completed or have already completed to Excel.