Attendance system with chips

Attendance module - chips facilitate the use of the attendance module. Attendance records are recorded via chips and a reading device. The employee's attendance can thus be automatically recorded in the attendance report.

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What you can use the attendance module for - chips

  • Easy to operate the system - recording is done by attaching the chip to the reading device. The employee then selects arrival/departure or type of departure (business trip, doctor).
  • A quick overview on the home page shows who is/is not present at the workplace or why they are not present.
  • A secure, reliable and accurate way to record employee time.
  • The module attendance - chips is included in the price of the application, for operation you only need a reading device and a chip for each employee. The current price of the reading device is 10.800,- CZK without VAT, the price of the chip in the form of a plastic card is 100,- CZK without VAT and in the form of a sticker 90,- CZK without VAT.
  • If necessary, the chip-based attendance system can be combined with a facial recognition-based attendance system (it is the same type of reading device).
  • When arriving, leaving or taking a lunch break, the employee holds the chip to the reader and selects the desired action - the time is then entered into the attendance module.
  • Readers and chips are an additional service of the application - please contact us at to set up the chip system.
  • Detailed information for installation, commissioning and control of the reader can be found here: