Easy online appointment scheduling tool

The meeting scheduling module allows easy and efficient organization of meetings, appointments, meetings or meetings.

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What you can use the appointment scheduling module for

  • Creation of an event and voting on an acceptable meeting date by invited participants - possibility to choose 1 or all suitable dates.
  • Possibility to vote only for eIntranet users or to send the generated link to non-users of the application.
  • The founder of the event is kept informed about the voting process by individual participants via e-mail.
  • Voting can be closed at a set time, or immediately (as required).
  • After the voting is completed, the agreed date is sent to the invited participants.
  • Voting results can be exported to Excel.

The electronic appointment scheduling system of eIntranet.net provides a great deal of convenience and efficiency in managing appointments for businesses and individuals. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, users can easily book, cancel, or reschedule appointments all from the same place, saving time and effort. The primary advantage of this system is the time-saving it offers. Instead of manually entering data into a calendar or software, appointment details can be entered electronically. This eliminates the time spent on paperwork and ensures accurate booking and scheduling. Additionally, the majority of appointment changes can be made quickly and conveniently, helping to minimize disruption and errors. The system also helps to streamline communication between customers and staff, as customers are able to choose their appointment date and time, receive confirmations and reminders. This helps to ensure that customers never miss their appointments and staff always know when they are expected. Finally, the eIntranet.net electronic appointment scheduling system allows businesses to generate detailed reports, track customer trends and analyse bookings, so that better planning and improved services can be provided. By taking advantage of automated appointment scheduling, businesses can save time and money, while offering a more seamless service to customers. eIntranet.net's electronic appointment scheduling system is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes.