CRM system

The CRM module is aimed at supporting and maintaining relationships with customers, business partners, clients and other cooperating entities. It is a simple and clear solution that allows recording all important information concerning all business partners and supports mutual communication with them.

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What you can use the CRM module for

  • Within the module you can customize preset options for:
    • company type (e.g. supplier, investor, competitor, media, customer)
    • company status (e.g. current, no interest, former, potential)
    • company sector (e.g. IT, retail, industry, services, telecommunications, wholesale, education, healthcare)
    • contacts - position (e.g. assistant, economist, HR, executive, marketing, buyer, sales representative, director, accountant)
    • addresses - type (e.g. headquarters, offices, store, warehouse, manufacturing plant)
    • record type (e.g. email, fax, offer, memo, meeting, contract, phone call).
  • The module has fixed defined record states, namely:
    • Scheduled
    • Solved
    • Solved
    • Cancelled
  • If the status of the record is Scheduled or Resolved, the record becomes a task that can be assigned to another user to resolve (the selected user is automatically notified via email).
  • Within the module, several search methods are possible - from quick search to filtering of company contacts (company name, industry, number of employees, etc.), or entered records by type of contact (phone call, meeting, offer...).
  • Within the Calendar section, it is possible to clearly display the entries entered as tasks (the user can see what tasks to solve in the context of the month). It is also possible to view the detail of the task by hovering over the record and to open the entire task record and view the details by clicking on the record.
  • Within the Companies section it is possible to use the bulk task/record entry function, if necessary, which allows you to add the necessary items to multiple records at once. It is also possible to switch on/off the display of selected columns with recorded information or to change the order of the displayed columns (you can return to the original table settings using the "Reset table settings" button).
  • The module also offers the display of various types of reports and statistics related to the inserted records. The user can clearly see the list of upcoming or pending tasks. Particularly important for the management of the company are also the lists of all records that have been made, the display of the number of records for the last 30 days or the statistics called "Employee activity for the last 30 days".
  • The module allows sending bulk e-mail messages to clients or customers (e.g. newsletters). The required e-mail addresses can be filtered in the Mailing section and then have the message sent - it is possible to send a message to 50 e-mail addresses at once. The mailing is active for users with the extra tariff, others have to copy the filtered and displayed addresses to their email client and send from there.

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