Approval of documents

The approval module is a significant help to ensure a clear circulation of any company documents and to ensure their efficient approval process. It can be used, for example, for approving offers, contracts, orders, etc. For more complex implementations, we recommend using the application module, which allows for multiple rounds of approval, adding forms in the next round and other more complex actions.

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What you can use the approval module for

  • It simplifies and speeds up administrative matters related to approvals within the company, eliminating the complicated handling of paper documents.
  • The application administrator creates individual types of documents for your company - contracts, quotations, orders and assigns rights to users who can enter them - assistants, accountants - and users who can approve them (managers).
  • Within the module, it is also possible to set up a 2-round approval process - after the document is approved by the 1st level approver, the superior approver is informed of this fact and can confirm or reject the approval.
  • The document then goes through the process of insertion, approval/rejection in electronic form within the intranet and is still registered in the system with notes on the individual steps.
  • With workflow, you can handle any approval processes for different types of documents in a multi-level hierarchy according to your company structure and your requirements.