Complaints procedure - program for the complaints process

The Complaints module enables quick and clear management of customer complaints. The module allows you to create response templates and set up different groups of complaints as required.

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What will your customer appreciate during a complaint?

  • Clear management of the claim, including informing him about the state of the claim, which he can find out immediately online without having to call you. Keeping track of the time limit for handling the complaint.
  • Simple complaint or return process = if the customer is satisfied with the complaint or return process, they are more likely to buy from you again.
  • Creating individual types of claims and setting them up according to the company's needs. Defining the priority of complaint handling - standard/express.
  • The customer can enter the complaint independently via a web link or manually (e.g. in the case of a telephone report by the customer).
  • Keeping the complainant informed about the progress of his/her complaint via automatically sent e-mail messages. Creation of response templates to speed up the complaint process.
  • Records of complaint status - new/waiting for completion/received/forwarded to supplier/resolved/resolved - repaired/resolved - replaced/resolved - rejected. The list of entered claims can be printed or downloaded to Excel.
  • Track the history of changes made. Within the accepted requests, you can search by different criteria.
  • Automatic generation of a label for sending the claim to the claimants. is an advanced and modern software system for handling employee complaints within organizations. For companies that are looking for a streamlined, efficient way to manage internal grievances, it offers a range of features to help keep things running smoothly. Here we discuss the advantages of using electronic complaint management with 1. Improved Productivity – The automated nature of ensures a faster process of registering and addressing employee complaints. This increases the overall productivity of the organization as there is less time wasted in manually sorting through paperwork. 2. Easy Access – All relevant information can be accessed quickly and easily. Employees can log into their own secure system to view their complaints and track the progress of their resolution, while managers can quickly search through the database to see which complaints need to be addressed. 3. Improved Reporting – As all data is stored electronically, reports can be generated at any time including up-to-date information on which complaints are waiting to be resolved. This allows managers to prioritize the most urgent complaints and ensure that none are overlooked. 4. Improved Tracking – By tracking all complaints, both those that have been resolved and those that are still pending, enables managers to gain a better understanding of where their organization needs to focus its efforts in order to improve employee satisfaction and reduce the number of unresolved complaints. 5. Enhanced Security – With, all data is encrypted and stored in a secure database. This ensures that confidential information remains safe, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring that only those with permission can view or modify the records. Overall, is an invaluable tool for any organization that wants to streamline and enhance its complaint management system. With improved efficiency, enhanced security and detailed reporting, it makes the entire process much easier and more user-friendly.