Complaints procedure - program for the complaints process

The Complaints module enables quick and clear management of customer complaints. The module allows you to create response templates and set up different groups of complaints as required.

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What will your customer appreciate during a complaint?

  • Clear management of the claim, including informing him about the state of the claim, which he can find out immediately online without having to call you.
  • Simple complaint or return process = if the customer is satisfied with the complaint or return process, they are more likely to buy from you again.
  • Creating individual types of claims and setting them up according to the company's needs.
  • The customer can enter the complaint independently via a web link or manually (e.g. in the case of a telephone report by the customer).
  • Keeping the complainant informed about the progress of his/her complaint via automatically sent e-mail messages.
  • Records of complaint status - new/waiting for completion/received/forwarded to supplier/resolved/resolved - repaired/resolved - replaced/resolved - rejected.
  • Track the history of changes made.
  • Automatic generation of a label for sending the claim to the claimants.

- Defining the priority of complaint handling - standard/express.
- Monitoring the time limit for complaint handling.
- Creating response templates to speed up the complaint handling process.
- The list of entered requests can be printed or downloaded to Excel.
- Within the received requests can be searched according to various criteria.