Partnership programme eIntranet

The quality of our services is at a high level, which is why we offer companies in the IT industry cooperation in offering eIntranet services.
Join our affiliate program and charge our app for free. We will reward your trust and loyalty.

How high is the commission?

Income generation depends only on your and strategythat you choose. With our affiliate program you will earn a regular commission afterall the timethat the incoming customer uses and pays for our eIntranet application.

Winescommission Chino 30% from the payment of the tax by the reporter.

Example of a wiener

  • You bring in a company with 80 employees/users
  • The company chooses the Normal program for 39,-KÄ/user/month
  • Company gets 20% discount (company with more than 50 users, discount for 51st-80th users)
  • The company pays annually 34632,-KÄ
  • Every year we send you a commission in the form of a credit10389,-KÄ

How does it work?

After registering for the partner program, we will add a unique approachwhich simplyuse when routing the marker to our site. The system will know by this that the customer has been recommended by you, so if this customer subsequently subscribes to the services of the eIntranet application, the commission will be credited to you.
URL shape:
The system remembers the code for 30 days - so if the registration does not happen immediately, it does not matter - if, for example, the user comes to our site again, even without your code, the system still remembers it and adds it to yours.
You will have a special module enabled within the eIntranet applicationPartnerin which you can track your registered customers and commissions. You can register here at the bottom of the page.

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Registration to the affiliate program

  • We will send you the generated access and other information to your e-mail.
  • Please fill in only true information.